A2Z Community Settings

You must be a site administrator to change the settings.

This plugin requires some configuration before use. See the information below for an explanation of each section.

Enable Custom Content

The custom post types used by this plugin are enabled by default. In order to reduce the resources used by this plugin, disable any custom post types you do not intend to use.

  1. Login and go to the admin area.
  2. Under Settings select A2Z Community.
  3. On the General tab under Enable Custom Content, uncheck the boxes for the types of content you want to use. You can check them later if you decide to use them.
  4. Select the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

Once the appropriate custom post types are enabled, you can change the settings the tabs for those types. Settings tabs will only be displayed for the custom post types you have enabled.

Organization Settings

This section allows the customization of some instructions.

  • Usage text for content entry forms – This text appears on the forms for entering custom content (events, links, documents, etc.) It can be used to indicate what type of content is appropriate. The default is blank, but you can change it to something like “The ABC website is only to be used for communicating information which is directly related to ABC activities. Posting of other content (commercial, professional, personal, political, etc.) is prohibited.”
  • Review instructions for publishing content – This text appears near the Submit to Review when members submit content.  It indicates who will approve content. The default value is “It will be reviewed and published by one of the site editors”.


This section configures the dashboard widgets.

  • Show Add Content Widget – Check this to add a dashboard widget which lets users quickly add content. You can choose which items to enable and set custom text for the items on the individual custom post tabs for the types you have enabled. Default is enabled.
  • Title for Add Content Widget – Use this to customize the title for the dashboard widget if you have enabled the Add Content widget above. Default value is “Share Your News and Events.”
  • Instructions for Add Content Widget – Customize the instruction text for the Add Content widget if you have enabled it. The default value is “Select the type of information you are sharing below. Your content will be published on the website after it is approved by a site editor.”
  • Show Recent Content Widget – Check this to enable another widget on the dashboard which shows recent posts, documents, lists, etc.  The default value is enabled.
  • Show Events Widget – Check this to enable the upcoming events widget on the dashboard. This also shows “save the date” events and upcoming deadlines. The default value is enabled.

Post Views

In this section you can set whether the plugin counts post views or not. If you choose to count post views, you can set a sampling rate. This means that random sampling will be used to keep an approximate post view count rather than updating the count every time a post is viewed. This is recommended for most sites in order to reduce server load. By default, post views are not counted. Enter 1 to update the count every time. Enter a higher value to enable sampling.

Save Changes

When you are finished making your changes to the settings, select the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

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