The Baebler Firm


The Baebler Firm is a law firm which specializes in personal injury cases. They wanted their page to have a visual impact, so we started with a large banner at the top with a couple of call to action buttons.


Under the banner,  this web design highlights the strengths of their firm. The large icons and clean white background really make these stand out.


Next is a text section which gives an overview of the firm. It describes the types of suits they handle,  their experience,  their approach to clients, and their background. Under that is a large graphic section. One of the tiles links to more information about Drew Baebler, the principle in the firm. Other tiles link to more information about Drew’s areas of expertise.


The bottom part of the front page includes testimonials and a contact form. Other pages on this website give more details about the items on the front page. The goal of this web design was to grab attention but also provide the opportunity to quickly obtain more information about areas of interest.

See the design.

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