Link Settings

You must be a site administrator to change the settings.

The link custom post type is disabled by default. In order to use the link functions, you must enable it first:

  1. Login and go to the admin area.
  2. Under Settings select A2Z Community.
  3. On the General tab under Enable Custom Content, check the box for Link.
  4. Select the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

Once links are enabled, you can change the settings on the Links tab. See the information below for an explanation of each section.

Link Settings

  • Access level required to add link– This setting grants permission to a user role add a link. The default is Author.
  • Show link option on dashboard widget – If the dashboard widget is enabled on the General tab, then checking this will cause the option to add a link to be shown on the widget.
  • Text for dashboard widget – This setting can be used to modify the description for links on the dashboard widget. The default is “‘A link to a another website.”

Maximums and Minimums

In this section, the administrator can set maximum and minimum lengths for the titles, excerpts, and descriptions for linkd.  This ensures that your users are providing content which meets your standards for length. If you don’t want a maximum value, just set it to zero. The default values are:

  • Description maximum: none
  • Description minimum: none
  • Title maximum: 200 characters
  • Title minimum: 20 characters
  • Excerpt maximum: 200 characters
  • Excerpt minimum 30 characters

All Links Page

Select the page which shows all links. This is used by the front end widget. You should place the shortcode [a2z_links] on the page to generate the list of links. The default value is no page.

Featured Image

Select a default featured imaged to be used if the content author does not provide one. You can also set a minimum width and height for user provided images. This will ensure that the image is of an appropriate size for your theme. By default, the minimum height and width is zero.

Save Changes

When you are finished making your changes to the settings, select the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

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