Member Account Settings

You must be a site administrator to change the settings.

The members settings control some of the functions which allow members to set up their accounts.  Use the shortcode [add-member] on a page to create a form where members can create an account.

Member Settings

  • Key for members requesting accounts (to avoid spam requests) – leave empty for no key – Users must enter this key when requesting an account. To prevent bots from creating spam accounts, give this key only to members of your organization. If you leave this blank, no key will be required.
  • Instructions for key – This will tell users how to obtain the key above.  Default is “If you do not have a key, please contact your site administrator.”

Maximums and Minimums

In this section, the administrator can set maximum and minimum lengths for basic account information.  If you don’t want a maximum value, just set it to zero. The default values are:

  • Username maximum: none
  • Username minimum: 6 characters
  • First name maximum: 30 characters
  • First name minimum: 2 characters
  • Last name maximum: 30 characters
  • Last name minimum: 2 characters

Save Changes

When you are finished making your changes to the settings, select the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

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